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Repairs - Appliances

Do you live in the Western suburbs yet don’t know a reliable place to repair your appliances? Do you feel like you are overcharged for routine repairs of appliances? Then maybe it’s time to try us out.

Do You Need Repairs on Your Appliances?

Well, our highly experienced technicians have you covered. We have been providing repair services to people in the Western suburbs for over four decades

We have been offering quality repairs of appliances for a long time now. Our technicians have a vast knowledge of working with major brands in the industry.
The repairs can be done onsite in your home, thanks to our fully stocked vans.

Sales - Appliances and Spare Parts

Are you in need of quality appliances delivered right to your doorstep? We can order, transport, and install the topnotch appliances straight to your house.

Reliable Appliance Providers

We have proven to be reliable appliance sellers and repairers in the Western suburbs of the country.

You need not worry about losing the appliance through no fault of yours, thanks to the product warranty.

The warranty covers both the appliance and its installation. The installation will also involve helping you know how to operate the machine.

For anything you order but isn’t in stock, we will try and order one in for you.

Real Estate Agents / Body Corporate Services

Do you own real estate property in the western suburbs and have an issue with an appliance? All you have to do is pick up a phone and call us.

Our technicians have vast experience answering these calls. Through our partnerships with various trusted brands, you can trust us to provide quality service.

They will promptly attend to the required repairs to ensure tenant satisfaction then bill the real estate agent or body corporate.

Body Corporate Calls

Overseeing real estate and body corporate calls can be such a daunting task. There’s always a constant stream of calls coming in at any given time.
To avoid having such calls overwhelm you, we manage these calls so that you can concentrate on more important things.

Property and Taxation Reports

If you need someone to create and oversee your property and taxation reports, then we are glad to say we can do it for you.

We make property reports for you and your agents as well as taxation reports.

Leading the way in appliance repairs of white goods


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We come to you and get it fixed right the first time. 24hr Turnaround*, Emergency Service, In Home Service, Workshop Services, Same Day Service*, Spare Parts Counter

*For Emergency Service or Specific Area locality